Running a Shared Vehicle via YahooGroups

If you have a vehicle used by 2 or more drivers, and all of you have internet access, why not create a YahooGroup for it.

Just create a group, call it “FordVan reg123”, upload a digital photo of your vehicle, and use your homepage to set rules of fair use, list contact numbers of your rescue service,insurance company,and mechanic, and perhaps some mechanical information such as oil type,tyre pressures,bulb replacements.

Reminder messages from the Calendar can warn of expiry of tax/insurance/M.O.T. or need for the annual service.

Then ask each driver to post to the group daily? details of fuel purchases, mileage, any mechanical faults developing.

This will give you an excellent usage/service history always available online.

This system could also be used for any other shared facility or piece of equipment valuable enough to warrant the effort, house ,flat , studio, boat, toolkit,———?


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