links for 2008-09-03

  • "Provide Images for Teaching Landscape Studies
    Catena offers a readily available set of images to illustrate classroom lectures. It thus serves as a means of integrating a relatively new academic field into the curricula of institutions that, for lack of visual resources, would not otherwise be able to offer courses in landscape design history.

    Integrate Images and Educational Materials
    As an online resource, Catena makes it possible for scholars, teachers, and students of landscape history to fully integrate images and contextual materials in a more dynamic manner than is possible with traditional teaching and study materials.

    Provide a Supplement to Textbooks
    Digital technology offers an important way to augment the images found in books, which are necessarily limited because of publishers’ specifications concerning page count and illustration number. A textbook may have only one or two images of a major landscape site, but Catena can offercomputer-accessible images

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