links for 2008-09-06

  • "Factor E Farm. We are not a factory farm. Agricola sum. We are farmer scientists. Our life is an experiment: living sustainably, high appropriate tech, on the cheap. Why e? It is a transcendental number. We aim to transcend. We push towards open source. Factor 10 reduction in price. Or at least e. Ten times cheaper means ten times the freedom. Evolve to freedom. In these pages you will find the unfolding story of how we started with raw land, and what we are up to on an ongoing basis. This is the first experiment of Open Source Ecology. The challenge is to see how far we can reach into human prosperity on a small scale. Can we create advanced, largely self-sufficient civilization on the scale of a farm? What else is needed? More pictures at "
  • "Conditions de travail Formation professionnelle Discrimination Pouvoir d’achat
    Home of the Dark Elevator videos

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