links for 2009-06-12

  • "Robonica was born out of frustration – frustration with the inability of the current generation of radio-controlled and robotic toys to provide any form of structured and interactive play, and frustration with the increasingly anti-social and intangible realities of video games. To answer that, the company came into being in January 2006 as a start-up with the sole purpose of exploring new frontiers in a commitment to provide the world with meaningful and entertaining forms of robotic entertainment."
    (tags: robot game)
  • "The Power Predictor answers these questions simply, quickly and easily:

    The Power Predictor assesses the suitability of your site for renewable energy, specifically solar and wind.
    The Power Predictor allows you to cheaply and easily collect real life solar and wind data from your site.
    The Power Predictor produces customised power reports for your site including carbon savings and annual energy generation estimates.
    The Power Predictor tells you how much money you could save by installing the major wind turbines or solar panels on the market before you buy, avoiding expensive mistakes."


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