links for 2009-07-02

  • "The Arab Media Forum for Environment and Development (AMFED) is a non-profit Arab media organization advocating a culture of dialogue in the Arab world. AMFED’s signature approach is the media consultation methodology which brings together the media and various stakeholders through discussion and the exchange of ideas. The organization aims to engage the media in the Arab states as an active partner in development initiatives in the region, with a view to ensuring the sustainability of these initiatives. In addition, it encourages adopting an analytical role on sustainable and responsible development."
  • " Charge your cell phone with your refrigerator. Harvest electricity from your own roof. Use solar power during the night. The dishwasher doesn’t care whether it is run by daytime electricity, less expensive nighttime electricity or even power you obtain yourself for free. In the future, customers will have a choice. They can increasingly shape their energy lives themselves. And use electricity more efficiently. Energy life is going online – and the customer knows the way."

    also see

  • "More than any utility on the planet Germany’s Yello Strom has embraced the intertwining of energy and home broadband connections. The company manages its smart meter service directly via its customer’s broadband connection, it’s the first European utility to offer its customers access to Google’s energy management tool PowerMeter, and it tells us this week that it has developed a prototype application that will enable its smart meters to tweet its customers’ energy consumption."

    also see


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