links for 2009-12-19

  • New technologies are changing the way we engage communities, run companies, deliver public services, participate in government and campaign for change.
    These new technologies are available to all of us.
    And they offer us an amazing opportunity to change our world.
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  • Magazine publishers are getting very excited about the potential of iPhone Apps, but far better experiences may be on the way with the imminent arrival of tablet devices. In this hugely impressive video, BERG
    walk us through their ideas for how magazines may work on such a device.
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  • Can we as conscious citizens and engaged Buddhists create our collective future mindfully? It is a social engagement Intention experiment to consciously shift the 'Evolutionary Path' of the planet to create an abundant yet sustainable human-scale economy, a global culture of peace, partnership, genuine free market, unlimited potential for conscious living and right livelihood. Be part of a shared dream, collective solution and joyful evolution Started 08-17-2007 [28 posts]
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  • "Use our LOCATE service to tell us where you’re travelling to so our embassy and crisis staff can provide better assistance in an emergency such as a tsunami or terrorist attack.

    It only takes a few minutes to register your contact details and travel plans online and the local British embassy will know you’re coming. There's no need to contact them directly.

    Going on another trip? Simply, login and update your LOCATE account and we’ll let the next British embassy know.

    Register with LOCATE now using the online form.
    Benefits of registering with LOCATE?
    If a major catastrophe occurs we’ll have an instant record of your details so we can contact you to make sure you’re OK and provide advice.
    If family and friends need to get in touch with you we can help them to find you.

    We’re confident Locate will improve our ability to provide help in crisis situations and reduce delay and worry in times of stress for family and friends at home."

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