links for 2010-01-02

  • "we are 'natural agriculture' growers of Japanese vegetables and herbs.

    Based in Lewes, in the county of East Sussex, England, our range includes mitsuba, nira, kabu, mizuna, karashina, daikon, shiso, edamame, kabocha, nasu, shishitou, myoga, komatsuna, gobo and naga-negi. No pesticides and no artificial fertilizers are used and although our methods mean a shorter growing season the result is a taste second to none. Japanese varieties are used throughout.

    All produce that we supply has been picked from the plant the same day and we do not buy in from other growers or wholesalers – everything we supply is grown by us on our land."

  • "In mid December we had the first full release of our Where Does My Money Go? prototype. The project aims promote transparency and citizen engagement through the analysis and visualisation of information about UK public spending. A winner of the Cabinet Office’s Show Us A Better Way competition, we were very pleased to publicly release the first stage of this project. Where Does My Money Go? received coverage in the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, as well as in national press in Germany, Italy and Poland.

    Tom Watson MP, commented on the release:

    Where Does My Money Go represents another milestone in the UK’s transparency movement. We know that transparency changes individual and institutional behaviour and this new tool will have a big impact on the way the public sector is held to account by UK citizens.

    As well as being a great public benefit, Where Does My Money Go is also an immensely complicated tool to code and design. "


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