links for 2010-01-20

  • "kwout" is a way you quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map.

    To use this service, all you need is to add our bookmarklet to your favorite browser.
    Click our bookmarklet on a web page you wish to quote, and the screenshot of the entire web page will be popped up. (The size of the screenshot can be selected from small, medium or large.)
    By dragging a mouse on the screenshot, select an area you wish to quote, and click the "Cut Out" button. Then the area you selected will be cut out as an image with an image map (hyperlinks).
    Finally, the embed code, which is used to post the image (with the image map) to your web site, will be displayed. In addition, you can post it directly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on.

    (tags: from_Diigo)
  • If you are interested in the formation of a Permaculture Relief Corps like the one I’m proposing please email thejulianeffect(at) and I will keep you up to date on the latest developments.
  • "About Permaculture NEWS free cooperative.

    The Permaculture NEWS free cooperative is a project of the Permaculture Cooperative.

    The website aggregates and collects RSS and Atom feeds from permaculture blogs and websites.

    If your website does not currently have RSS or Atom, we suggest you find out how you can turn it on, re-configure it if it doesnt work on this site. I have noticed problems with some Joomla based blogs.

    If you have an older static website, you might consider getting a free blog with Blogger or WordPress or one of the many other RSS/Atom enabled free hosting services and start a feed.

    We are only taking directly related Permaculture website feeds. i.e. you have to mention Permaculture explicitly at least once on your website, you have to have a commitment to permaculture.

    The Permaculture Cooperative reserves the right to edit and/or delete any feeds it feels inappropriate.

    For more information
    skype permaculturecoop "

    (tags: permaculture)
  • Powering the Green Economy

    The Feed-in Tariff Handbook
    By Miguel Mendonça, David Jacobs and Benjamin Sovacool

    'This insightful book explains how to implement the most effective policy to get onto a path towards renewable energy.'
    Dr David Suzuki, scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster

    (tags: no_tag)
  • A Renewable World: Energy, Ecology, Equality
    Free Download
    Complete text in one file (PDF, 13.2 MB)
    ISBN: 978-1900322492
    Publisher: Green Books
    Date: September 2009
    Price: £14.95

    "Here’s the book we’ve been waiting for, a thorough, up-to-date, and above all proportionate response to our climatic predicament. When I say proportionate, I mean: it tells us how to solve the problem we really have, not the one we wish we had. It’s truly important!"
    Bill McKibben, Founder,

    (tags: no_tag)

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