links for 2010-01-31

  • "This is our work. To shift the world's economies away from their present emphasis on infinite economic growth and toward a focus on sustainable human wellbeing. To forge fresh and visionary approaches to the economic challenges and opportunities that await us in the 21st century. To blur traditional academic boundaries and bring together experts, teachers, students, and stakeholders from all disciplines in order to pioneer vital new developmental tools and ideas. To guide the way to true global economic sustainability through teaching, research, design, and the practical application of those economic solutions that will generate natural capital even as they create human profit."
  • "Imagine the Earth as a business and you’re a shareholder. We’re all shareholders. Future generations are entitled to a share too. As a shareholder you’ll want to take good care of the assets of the business and to maximize your profit, or in other words, the benefit you receive from the business. How do we maximize the benefit all shareholders receive from the Earth? The first step is understanding our business performance.
    Part of the initial proto-type has been developed. We are now looking for feedback on the structure and overall organization of the Earth Shareholder Report. "

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