links for 2010-02-03

  • "The Great Outdoors arose out of ideas developed from the Free Range Network's Less is a Four Letter Word initiative. We had to solve the basic problem of communicating the need for change encapsulated in the question, "in a world of excess consumption and luxury, how do you develop a means of teaching people to live simply?" It's actually quite difficult to communicate these ideas because they represent such a divergent view of the world from the view that dominates our lives today – that more is better. To find a suitable means to deliver this message in a clear and unambiguous way we've had to be quite inventive in designing a format to get the points across, and after much deliberation we hit upon a quite novel approach –
    we go camping!"
  • "Welcome to the EVOKE Network
    Posted by Alchemy on 31 Jan under News

    This is not a simulation. You are about to tackle real problems.

    Food security. Energy. Water security. Disaster relief. Poverty. Pandemic. Education. Global conflict. Human rights

    Welcome to the Evoke Network. Welcome to your crash course in changing the world.


    There’s an old saying here: ”If you have a problem, and you can’t solve it alone, evoke it.”

    When we evoke, we look for creative solutions. We use whatever resources we have. We get as many people involved as possible. We take risks. We come up with ideas that have never been tried before.

    An evoke is an urgent call to innovation. Evoking first started in Africa, but it can happen anywhere. And if you found this message, then it is your destiny to join us.

    Reserve your spot in the EVOKE Network now. You’ll receive an alert on March 3, 2010 when your first EVOKE mission is ready."


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