links for 2010-02-23

  • "Last summer the Mongol Derby thundered into the pages of equine history. Now the world's longest and toughest horse race is back, longer and tougher than ever. This summer on the 7th of August a new band of courageous riders will mount their steeds deep in the Mongolian steppe to face a gruelling 1000 km race across the empty wilderness.

    The Mongol Derby is based on Chinngis Khaan's legendary postal system which could relay messages thousands of miles in a matter of days. Like the mighty Khaan's system the Mongol Derby relies on a network of horse stations (Morin Urtuu in Mongolian) stretching mile after mile across the Mongolian steppe. Find out more about Urtuus on the course page. With ten days to cover the 1000km course riders this is no ordinary horse race, it's not a test of the horse's speed but the rider's skill and endurance – this is the mother of all equine adventures."


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