links for 2010-05-15

  • "Your Summary Care Record options
    I am happy to have a Summary Care Record (SCR)

    If you are happy to have a SCR, you do not need to do anything and we will create a record for you.
    I am unsure, or do not want a Summary Care Record (SCR)

    Substantial work is taking place to modernise the NHS, including the introduction of the SCR, in order to reduce errors, save lives and improve health outcomes for a great many people.

    Modernising and computerising the NHS also brings with it new safeguards to ensure that information in your record is held more securely than in the past.

    However, you can choose not to have a SCR if you want to. If you choose not to have a SCR, your health records will stay as they are now and you will not receive the benefits we have told you about. Download the opt out form (PDF, 46.6Kb)."

  • "Mission Statement
    Flower advocates for a common “language” so you, your providers and the places where you receive care can talk and share your health data in real time, when needed and as authorized.

    Vision Statement
    Flower’s vision is that patients we should be able to access their our health data and have universal standards for sharing it with who they we want."


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