links for 2010-05-24

  • "There is a growing movement among NGOs to use technology to involve communities in the monitoring of projects, so that people can hold donors and governments accountable for the delivery of services."
  • "Open Educational Resources are all about sharing.

    In a brave new world of learning, OER content is made free to use or share, and in some cases, to change and share again, made possible through licensing, so that both teachers and learners can share what they know.

    Browse and search OER Commons to find curriculum, and tag, rate, and review it for others."

  • "JorumOpen

    Find and share free learning and teaching resources available to all which have been deposited by UK HE and FE Institutions. All resources within JorumOpen are available under a Creative Commons Licence."

  • " Epochalypse Now, working notes on the road story that was my life in 2008. are the best 110 of those diaries, edited down with the idea that I'd turn them into a book some day. The arrow of time points only forward and this e-book format may be all I have energy for given my other projects. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed the writing of this work."
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