links for 2010-06-13

  • "1. scan an original insert card against a black background at 300dpi.
    2. erase everything inside the shape of the insert card and increase the contrast 100% so that you're left with pure black
    (tags: minidisc)
  • "The Shropshire Children’s Scrapstore
    Recycling & Resource Centre
    Scraptastic – the craft store.

    Scrappies function is to collect worthwhile scrap and to sort it, use it, make things with it, pass it on, or sell it to members, who in their turn use it for the benefit and education of children.

    We also organise Workshops, Training Sessions and Birthday Parties. In order to use our facilities and purchase items from the store it is necessary to be a Member. Members also get a 20% discount in our Scraptastic Craft Shop, which is open to the public.

    We are largely dependent on a very keen body of Volunteers for virtually all our day to day activities. In fact, we can only operate because a large group of people regularly volunteer to help obtain, sort and display the scrap items.

    The Shropshire Childrens’ Scrapstore, Recycling and Resource Centre (Scrappies)
    Lutwyche Road,
    Church Stretton, Shropshire,
    SY6 6AT

    Contact us by e-mail:

  • "This site aims to provide a practical resource for those who work with communities (in the wider sense of the term) to help them identify and adopt more sustainable practices. This site was initiated in 1998 as part of my PhD studies (see my thesis Ch 10), and has developed over the past years as the NRM-changelinks site. Over the 2006/2007 period the NRM-changelinks name (and URL) was discontinued, and was superceded by the Learning for Sustainability name (and URL). The latest addition to the site is the sparksforchange blog which has been created as a way to educate myself, and hopefully others, about the many ideas and people out there that are making a positive difference for social change."
  • "London Gifted
    (tags: education)
  • "e-TASC is a smart new tool that can be used by teachers and learners to think through and solve complex problems in an online environment. e-TASC is free to register and can be use by any teacher or learner in any subject for independent or collaborative work.

    e-TASC is based on TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Context) methodology. You can find out more about the TASC methodology in the TASC section."

    (tags: education)

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