links for 2010-07-03

  • "mammals on roads

    July sees the start of our Mammals on Roads survey, a nationwide survey of mammal sightings along single-carriageways, which has run each year since 2001. To date, over half a million kilometres of road have been surveyed, and changes in counts of species such as hedgehogs, foxes and badgers have been tracked over time. Findings from the survey have already alerted us to the possible drastic decline in hedgehogs and were the impetus for HogWatch.

    As well as recording sightings, volunteers record information about their route, such as the start and end points, and waypoints along the journey. This allows the journeys and sightings to be mapped, and counts of each species to be expressed as the number of sightings per distance travelled, so that the results can be compared between years and a long-term picture built up."


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