links for 2010-07-31

  • "What do I get?
    energy and water bills cut by a third
    low-cost wall and loft insulation, and heating system upgrade
    free home energy check and support
    a chance to apply for a Transition Streets discounted solar-PV system

    What do I need to do?

    Just ask six neighbours and friends who live near you if they’d like to form a Transition Together group.

    Register with us and we’ll give you a Transition Together workbook and facilitator to get your group started. You meet every few weeks to help each other make simple practical changes at home to save energy."

  • "In this section find out what the programme will do for you, how it works, more about the workbook and the extras…
    What will it do for me?

    Cut your household bills – with easy, helpful, practical advice:
    Take control of your daily costs
    Reduce your impact on the environment
    Understand better these times of change and uncertainty
    Act together with your friends, family and community
    Have fun, make friends and save money at a pace and schedule that suits you

    Transition Together helps you build a Practical Action Plan. It cuts through the massive amount of often confusing information that's out there, and provides you with reliable facts and practical tips from the experts. It provides local information relevant for all of us living here in Totnes and District. This programme is free and only available to local residents.

    So far over 280 residents in Totnes are taking part in the programme…"

  • "Just Do It is an exciting new feature-length documentary film that follows the mischievous and risky world of UK climate activists.

    In early 2009, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Emily James began filming the clandestine activities of several groups of environmental civil disobedient activists in the UK. Allowed unprecedented access, her footage shows us the people behind the politics, providing the often overlooked human element to their story as we watch them take on the combined forces of global capitalism, run-away climate change and those pesky metropolitan police!

    Their adventures will entertain, illuminate and inspire, whilst inciting you to get off your arse and change the world.

    Currently in post-production and coming to a cinema near you in early 2011, Just Do It is a film pushing boundaries. It is an experiment in crowd-funding, group production and community-engaged documentary filmmaking."

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