links for 2010-08-02

  • "Abridge Me is a wiki collection of abridgements of books, particularly non-fiction books. There isn't much here at the moment. Its rules of engagement haven't really been worked out yet, but if you have anything to contribute (mistakes to correct, embellishments to add, or entire abridgements/critiques of books to upload) then feel free to create an account and get wikifying.

    Wikis are fantastic. Essentially perfect, in fact. They'll easily capable of ridding the world of such evils as malaria, AIDS, death and procrastination. Since they are such an universal Answer To All Ills, there should be a wiki full of abridged versions of all books that should have been read by people that don't have enough time to read them.
    A good abridgement is fantastic, too. The thing of it is that, say, a year after having read a non-fiction book, most of us only remember the broad outline of it. So what was the point in going through all of that detail line-by-line, when a condensed version……."


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