links for 2010-09-26

  • "About the 2050 calculator

    This tool is an interface to the first version of a calculator to help policymakers, the energy industry and the public understand these choices. This work is not about choosing a pathway out to 2050 today — such a task would not be feasible given the major unknowns and timeframe involved. However, this work enables us to better manage some significant long-term uncertainties and helps us to avoid making long-term decisions that are incompatible with meeting our 2050 emissions target."

    (tags: energy)
  • "Human history has been the story of obtaining and using increasing quantities and quality of energy.

    Till right about now.

    Today, human society is well into a transition from increasing to decreasing availability of energy and other resources–a circumstance that is also worsened by our increasing populations. In that context, the EnergyResources Group aims at objective and accurate understanding of what this means to our lives and future."


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