links for 2010-12-04

  • "Ever wish you could learn to weave cloth, forge a knife, sew a corset, or build a Tudor mansion? We’re a community of living history and reenacting enthusiasts who love learning about how things were made in the past. You’ll find lots of video tutorials here, plus forum discussions, book reviews and suppliers for difficult to find materials. "
  • "A groundbreaking project is currently being implemented on the Hönggerberg Campus of renowned Swiss Federal Technical Institute, ETH Zurich. In the future, waste heat from buildings on the Science City Campus will be stored in the earth during the summer through 800 ground probes."
  • "Barn Cottage Records is a boutique record company based in the south-east of the UK. We make records of baroque orchestral, chamber and vocal music, and we’ve got some amazing jazz and crossover projects in the pipeline. We sell CDs online and can ship all over the world. You’ll also soon be able to download our catalogue via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify"
    (tags: music)

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