links for 2011-04-01

  • "Let's build a decentralized mesh Wi-Fi.

    Would you be interested in joining a censorship-resistant wireless mesh network? Add yourself to this map so that others can find their neighbours and connect with them."

    (tags: networks wi-fi)
  • "Here is the slideset from our presentation and demo yesterday here at the Hewlett Foundation grantees meeting, introducing the alpha release of the Open Education Evidence Hub. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on the idea of a place to go to find out What Works in open education (as well as What Doesn’t…), and what evidence-based claims can be made."
  • "Radioplayer is a partnership between the BBC and UK Commercial Radio. Together we've developed a player that gives audiences a simple and consistent online listening experience. Radioplayer allows you to discover and listen to live and on demand radio from Ofcom licensed UK radio stations.

    The Radioplayer console will pop up to play audio when you click to listen live or play listen again content on BBC Radio websites. It's similar in appearance to the previous BBC console with some lovely new features including the ability to search for live and on demand radio from stations across the UK."


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