links for 2011-06-19

  • "This Digest reviews the wind loading information appropriate for roof-based PV systems and gives recommendations and guidance for the design of roof-based PV systems for wind loads. It covers both PV tiles or slates integrated into pitched roofs and PV modules mounted on or above pitched roofs. It has been developed from work undertaken during a Partners in Innovation project funded by the DTI. 8 pages.
  • "suppliers of alternative technology products to the horticultural and agricultural industries.

    Please browse our site for information on natural extract foliar sprays, adjuvants, crop covers, green manures and bio-fumigants, and natural pest control products.

  • "Fending off speculation that disposal of allotments is to be made easier, the Department for Communities & Local Government has now published the findings of a 2006 survey, written originally by Professor David Crouch at the University of Derby. Whatever the reason – this survey has its limitations – it's good to have the information in the public domain."

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