links for 2011-07-19

  • "@lincolnenergy

    As part of our Electro-Magnates projects we are exploring as many channels as possible to make our energy data accessible. We are currently experimenting with a social media channel – Twitter – to provide information on the University of Lincoln’s energy usage. To see more information on a particular building just send a tweet to @lincolnenergy (tweet must start with @lincolnenergy) with one of the below building codes (in bold green). An incorrectly formatted tweet will default to a response for the Main Admin building."

  • "Electro Magnates is a cutting edge carbon-reducing sustainability project at the intersection of computer science, social media and behaviour change. The project’s deliverables are to design, implement, and evaluate a suite of social software applications – including games – to encourage positive behaviour changes in energy consumption. The project will specifically design software interventions to be used by employees and students in educational and public sector work-places and environments in the county of Lincolnshire in the UK."

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